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Avoid Failed Insulation in your Metal Buildings

Some of our clients have gotten information from various metal building suppliers on what was referred to as R-8 vinyl insulation – reported to us to seemingly be used to insulate non-insulated metal buildings.

One client’s intent was to use this product to insulate the walls of his new pole building.

The metal building supplier referred to the product as VRR-Plus Metal Building Insulation. I typically ask my customers several questions. First, what kind of warranty does the thin plastic drop ceiling have? If the answer is less than a lifetime warranty, that means there is a good chance you’ll have to replace the material in 10 to 12 years at your great expense.  If you ask your contractor why they are recommending fiberglass as insulation, the answer you’ll usually get is, “It’s been used for decades.” The problem with that answer is that technology has advanced tremendously in all fields as well (and especially in insulation applications) over the last 30 years. If they say, “It’s the least expensive,” that means it’s the least expensive to the contractor – and believe me when I say that he’s getting a hefty profit margin from the install. What is he going to say when your building develops a leak and most of your insulation is destroyed?

Oh… and don’t let this footnote slide by: “NOTE: Condensation blanket is NOT sold as a thermal barrier. The insulating value of the product is negligible and should NOT be utilized in conditioned or semi-conditioned buildings where thermal performance of any degree is required.”

There are many other options for your metal building besides the frail MBI VRR Plus fiberglass insulation at a comparable cost.

We recommend Polyshield TRIPLEX MBI R21, which is one of those state of the art options..

The durable TRIPLEX MBI R21 metal building insulation is not as frail as other insulation, as it is engineered to have a lifetime warranty.

TRIPLEX MBI R21 provides an R10 when installed with no air gap, and an R-21 with just 3 inches of air space.

4 thoughts on “Avoid Failed Insulation in your Metal Buildings”

  1. Polyshield Triplex R25 Metal Building Insulation has been revolutionary in the Midwest market. With our mixed weather climate, it’s imperative an insulation be effective in both sub-freezing temperatures and the sweltering summer heat- sometimes reaching 100 degrees Fahrenheit. To combat this issue, we have seen a gravitation towards this new Triplex insulation technology as a safer & more effective option to spray foam in metal buildings & pole barns. It’s also been highly effective in crawlspace’s & basements where spray foam or fiberglass is typically used. It gives a significant R-value to combat conductive and convective heat, while also having the benefit of reflecting the radiant heat. Using FLIR thermal imaging cameras, we’ve established radiant heat as the leading cause of heat gain for metal buildings & pole barns in those hot summer months. Spray foam is not effective against radiant heat gain. Our feedback has yielded greatly reduced temperatures in the summer and as much as a 50% decrease in fuel usage during winter. It also gives the benefit of future access to wiring, plumbing, mechanicals, etc. that would otherwise be buried in the spray foam. We anticipate as the word spreads; this will be the go-to option where spray foam would otherwise be used.

  2. The Polyshield TRIPLEX MBI R21 you recommend seems like an excellent choice, offering both durability and an impressive R-value. In my experience with attic insulation, I often advise clients to prioritize long-term performance and thermal efficiency when selecting insulation materials.

    1. Hi, Olsen! We definitely agree! All of our products are covered by a lifetime warranty – we are often surprised by how many new clients have come to us with failed insulation that they’re now having to pay to replace. Long-term-performance and thermal efficiency are both absolutely key indicators of a product’s price-performance ratio, which we believe is the most important factor for your clients to consider. We’re so glad you feel the same! Give us a call if you’d like a sample of the Triplex MBI R21 and we’ll get it right out to you!

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