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Bubble Insulation Facts

Traditional bubble insulation really hasn’t changed over the last 30 years. Depending on what brand you purchase (or its country of origin), bubble insulation can be difficult to install because it is flimsy. Most manufacturers know the shortcomings of their bubble and give warranties of 7 years or less.

Many manufacturers are creating bubble wrap for packaging purposes and just adding a metalized polyester to it so they can call it insulation. This manufacturing process results in a flimsy, short-lived product that has been known to de-laminate. If the manufacturer is using recycled plastics, the results are even worse.

Recent Improvements to Bubble Insulation:

Radiant Barrier USA has made many improvements to bubble insulation technology. Our single bubble and double bubble white woven insulation:

    • Has a stiffer format for quick installations & a better finish)

    • Uses virgin plastics (improves durability)

    • Incorporates UV protection (improves durability)

    • Applies a tough, durable, white/woven surface to greatly improve durability and aesthetics of your building


Why settle for old, tired bubble insulation technology when there is a better solution!


10 thoughts on “Bubble Insulation Facts”

  1. We are looking to purchase bubble house insulation for our house and barn and a few other projects, if we buy more do we get discounts

    1. Hi, Julie! The more you purchase, the more you’ll save! Give us a call at 817-538-5222 so we can get you in touch with our manufacturer’s representatives to see how much money we can save you!

    1. Hi, Bryan! Are you looking for a container of this product or a smaller amount? We don’t have any double bubble with wood grain on one side currently, but if you’re looking for a large amount or even a smaller amount for repeat purchasing, I can certainly look into having it produced for you. Please give us a call at 817-538-5222 so I can get you in touch with our manufacturer’s reps to discuss your needs further!

  2. I live in a fifth wheel camper I’m looking for something that I could put into my cabinets and pantry to keep it from being so hot what do you recommend

  3. Yes I’m interested radiant Barrer , but i need more info on it like how long does last and blocking heat also keeping out cold out of my home

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