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Insulation Solutions

The common solution for the past few decades for all types of buildings, whether residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural facilities, has been mass insulation using fiberglass, or foam. 

Mass insulation has basically been accepted by the public as a one-size-fits-all application. While mass insulation is well suited to slowing down conductive or convective heat transfer, based on independent government studies, it is not well suited to slowing down radiant heat. Radiant heat can account for as much as 93% of heat transfer in many instances. It makes sense to apply a radiant barrier in most building envelopes to manage that radiant heat directly.

Radiant Barrier, LLC manufactures over 250 variations of Radiant Barrier, fitting most buildings’ needs. Radiant Barrier, LLC, a Polyshield family of Radiant Barriers, reflects as much of 97% of radiant heat, blocking radiant heat transfer rather than just slowing it down. 

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