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Reducing Facilities' Expenses With Reflective Insulation

Whether residential, industrial or commercial building, what everyone really wants to do is to strike a balance between aesthetics and energy efficiency. That means planning for occupants AND for energy efficiency.

The problem with both occupants and energy efficiency is that, too often with facilities, occupants were the afterthought. It is one thing to plan “energy efficiency” for the usual suspects, and quite another to plan energy efficiency for a datacenter, a law firm, or an agriculture farm. In fact, BOMA International, Yardi and Brightline Strategies announced recently the release of key findings from the first in a series of nationwide commercial real estate (CRE) COVID-19 impact studies. In a live webinar discussion of that study, one of the key takeaways was: “tenants haven’t had thorough discussions with landlords about what they want because they haven’t been asked.”

As stunning as this sounds, not talking to your customers has a major impact on the solutions you offer. Radiant Barrier, LLC has done its homework, and the products we offer are based on the real-life needs of occupants of facilities, all with the goal of energy efficiency.

This type of analysis includes the mechanical systems essential to keeping operational integrity in tact as well as the facility exteriors and interiors. The advantages to proper planning by protecting with insulation are enormous.

  1. Greater Energy Efficiency, lower energy bills. As the cost of energy rises, both customers and regulatory authorities have a carbon impact. In an increasingly sustainability-conscious world, everything you do to protect the facility works as a huge advantage to lower that carbon footprint. Besides, saving money is a primary directive for all businesses, and, if you can lower your energy costs while you save money, you have the best of both worlds. The value of insulation in this situation is simple: it saves building occupants money on energy bills and gives the landlord the assurance of making a difference in saving the planet. According to the Insulation Institute, “Lease rates for ‘green’ spaces can be up to 20% above average, manifesting in high rental prices and decreased vacancy rates.”
  2. Making Tenants Comfortable. Regulated temperatures in commercial buildings will ensure occupants are comfortable. While a lot has to do with the HVAC solution governing the building (i.e. VRF), proper insulation helps minimize the chance of temperature fluctuations. A happy tenant is a productive tenant!
  3. Acoustic Impact. Cambridge Sound Management research noted that 30% of office workers are distracted by their coworkers’ conversations. COVID-19’s impact on office and industrial space design only increases that disruption. Therefore, combining your planning of insulation with acoustic insulation, sound masking, and smart & systematic acoustic design helps productivity. And the good news is, insulation like Radiant Barrier insulation reduces noise when combined with these acoustical solutions.

Protecting Facilities 

Radiant Barrier, LLC is defining itself by sustainability. Our products save energy, cut emissions, and are designed to make sure commercial, industrial, residential, and agricultural buildings are good for the environment and keep people healthy, safe, and well