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Metal Building Insulation


Triplex-MBI R21

Polyshield Triplex® MBI R21 is designed specifically for Metal Building insulation applications. Our MBI R21 is over 1″ thick, featuring large double-bubble foil/foil material and a foam center. This stiffer material provides a much easier install, saving up to 70% of labor. The unique Triplex® MBI R21 has 95% reflectivity, matching all the other variations of our bubble insulation. The XPE foam center provides sound deadening properties, a higher R-Value, and delivers a higher level of fire protection.

Triplex® MBI R21 provides an R21 value installed with 4″ of dead air space in between the material and the metal of a building.

Radiant Barrier USA - Triplex CrawlBarrier


Roll Size
(sq. ft.)
Product Type Width Length SKU Weight
100 TRIPLEX® MBI R21 Double Foil/Foam/White TRIPLEX 48" 25' TRILX-2XBF-FF-MPET 37


VRR-Plus is the most commonly installed insulation facing in metal buildings. Our Polyshield VRR-Premium facing front side is composed of a durable polypropylene insulation facing, with a metallized 95% reflective polyester (foil-like) backing on the back side. It is generally used in a typical metal building. Our Polyshield VRR-Premium metal building ceiling material is superior to other VRR-Plus products as it provides a higher reflectivity, a higher tensile strength, and a higher puncture resistance.



Roll Size Facing Fiberglass Length R-Value Thickness SKU
360 sq. ft 54" 48" 80' R-8 2" MBI-AG70-52-2
360 sq. ft 54" 48" 80' R-10 3" MBI-AG70-52-3
360 sq. ft 54" 48" 80' R-13 4" MBI-AG70-52-4
292 sq. ft 54" 48" 80' R-19 6" MBI-AG70-52-6
440 sq. ft 66" 60" 80' R-8 2" MBI-AG70-64-2
440 sq. ft 66" 60" 80' R-10 3" MBI-AG70-64-3 
440 sq. ft 66" 60" 80' R-13 4" MBI-AG70-64-4
357.5 sq. ft 66" 60" 65' R-19 6" MBI-AG70-64-6