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Triplex Crawlspace Insulation


Polyshield Triplex® Crawlspace Insulation R10 is designed specifically for masonry wall insulation applications. Our Crawlspace Insulation is over 1″ thick, featuring large double-bubble foil/foil material and a foam center. This pliable yet stiffer material provides a much easier install, saving up to 70% of labor. The unique Triplex® Crawlspace Insulation R10 has 95% reflectivity, matching all the other variations of our bubble insulation. The EPE foam center provides a higher R-Value and an effective thermal break system.

Some states require a specific R-Value when insulating crawlspace masonry walls, while many states and municipalities don’t require a specific R-Value. Triplex Crawlspace Insulation R10 provides a minimum R10 value when including a 1.25″ air space on the inside surface of masonry walls. Triplex Crawlspace Insulation is a superior vapor and moisture barrier as well!

Radiant Barrier USA - Triplex CrawlBarrier


Roll Size
(sq. ft.)
Product Type Width Length SKU Weight (lbs)
100 TRIPLEX® Crawlspace "S" R-10 Double Foil/Foam/White TRIPLEX 48" 25' TRILX-2XBF-FF-MPET 37
100 TRIPLEX® Crawlspace "D" R-10 Double Foil/Foam/Foil TRIPLEX 48" 25' TRILX-2XBF-MPET 37

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