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Standing Seam Roof Installed Over Existing Roofing

Are you considering covering your tired or damaged shingles with a standing seam metal roof? Installing metal roofing over existing shingles may not be a bad idea, as it stops the cycle of continually replacing roof tiles. Plus, you save money because you will not have to tear off the existing roof tiles.

A Perfect Time to Improve the Thermal Performance of your Roof

Installing a standing seam roof may save you the future cost of re-roofing, but it might increase the cost of cooling your home. Metal is highly emissive, which means it transfers radiant heat at a very high rate. That heat can then transfer right though the existing roof tiles and heat your attic space, substantially increasing your air conditioning bills. The simplest and most economical way to solve the potential Radiant Heat problem is to incorporate an Underlayment that features a Radiant Barrier on top of the existing shingles before installing the standing seam roof.

Metal Panel Attachment into Furring Strips

It is very simple to incorporate a Radiant Barrier Underlayment when installing a new Metal Roof. Before attaching the standard wood purlins or sub-girts, lay a layer of Radiant Barrier Underlayment on top of the existing roof tiles. Then attach the furring strips on the old roof as usual.


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