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The Combined Effects of
Global Warming and Higher Energy Cost

Americans all across the US (if not the world!) are being challenged with increasingly higher electric bills. Several things are contributing to the burden of high bills:

  • Global Warming (it’s a reality!)
  • Higher energy rates
  • Ironically… your existing insulation!!

The existing mass insulation in your attic could be contributing to your higher energy costs.

Why? Traditional insulation may have a high R-Value, but it has a high emissivity rating, as well.

Emissivity is the rate that insulation transfers radiant heat. Since mass insulation has a high emissivity rating, heat is absorbed and transferred at a higher rate… right into your attic.

What you need in order to prevent radiation from blasting into your living space is a radiant barrier, which has a low emissivity and blocks the radiation transfer.

Studies conducted by the US Department of Energy have shown up to a 50% reduction in energy bills as a result of adding radiant barrier to the attic envelope. Radiant barrier is inexpensive, improves the comfort of your home, and reduces energy costs.

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