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What is the “black globe effect,” and how can PolyShield Agribarrier™ insulation help?

During the summer, farmers often struggle to control the temperatures in their pole barns and metal buildings. The difficulty of controlling indoor temperatures not only impacts energy bills – it can have a negative effect on the health and weight gain of animals, as well.

In the summer, excessive heat in livestock barns can result in a condition known as the “black globe effect,” which can cause weight loss and higher mortality for poultry and hogs, and decreased milk production from dairy cows, as well as reduced reproductive processes. Since farmers depend on the health of their animals to be successful, the black globe effect is a serious, persistent, and costly concern in the agricultural industry.

A Simple and Affordable Solution

Fortunately, the black globe effect can be avoidable, without the need for farmers to spend exorbitant amounts on energy. Polyshield AgriBarrier™, a radiant barrier insulation product composed of aluminum and polyethylene, is highly effective at controlling indoor temperatures in barns and buildings and helps eliminate the negative impacts of the black globe effect.

AgriBarrier works by reflecting up to 95% of heat back to its source. In the summer, this means that the heat from the sun will not move downwards from the attic or roof to raise the temperature in the rest of the barn or building. The reflective properties of AgriBarrier help ensure that indoor temperatures stay consistent, despite changes in the weather. In the summer, AgriBarrier can help reduce temperatures by up to 60 degrees!

Studies from the University of Iowa have shown that using reflective metalized insulation like AgriBarrier helps to eliminate the negative impacts of the black globe effect, improving the mortality, weight gain and overall health of animals in barns with the same amount of feed.

AgriBarrier’s success at controlling indoor temperature does not only apply to summer months. In the winter, radiant barrier insulation like AgriBarrier helps farmers conserve energy in their barns, reducing heating costs by as much as 50 percent.

Easy Installation

AgriBarrier is easy to install for both professionals and DIYers. Step-by-step instructions can be found on our Agricultural Applications page.

If there is another type of insulation already in place, such as foam or fiberglass, no need to worry! AgriBarrier can be installed alongside existing insulation while remaining fully effective.

As a product that is UV-, corrosion-, and pest-resistant, AgriBarrier is a durable and long-lasting solution for barns and buildings exposed to the elements. Questions about radiant barrier insulation and how to select the best insulation for your barn, stable or building? Give our team a call today at 817-538-5222. We look forward to speaking with you!

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