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Why Triplex™ Bubble Insulation is

Superior to Other Bubble Insulations

Radiant Barrier USA® manufactures single and double bubble insulation, which are similar in construction. The main difference is that single bubble foil has only one layer of polyethylene bubble between the two exterior layers of highly reflective aluminum foil, while double bubble insulation has two bubble layers. Both have the same effect, blocking heat transfer through radiation. Double bubble is a stiffer product, which allows for easier installation. When compared with single bubble, it also provides a better thermal break for reduced conductive heat transfer (protecting against heat gain AND heat loss, depending on the season) in your buildings. Both bubble products are a cost-effective way to keep your building cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Polyshield® Triplex™ was developed in May of 2022

Radiant Barrier USA® found the need to improve bubble insulation’s performance regarding R-values and sound-deadening capabilities. Triplex™ was designed specifically for Metal Building Insulation applications. Our MBI R21 is like no other bubble insulation at over 1″-thick, featuring large double bubble foil/foil material and a foam center. This stiffer material provides a much easier install, saving up to 70% of labor. The unique Triplex™ MBI R21 has 95% reflectivity, matching all the other variations of our bubble insulation. The XPE foam center provides sound-deadening properties, a higher R-Value, and delivers a higher level of fire protection.

Triplex™ MBI R21 provides an R21 value when installed with 3.5″ of dead air space between the material and the metal of a building. If the metal building is not going to be air-conditioned, Triplex™ Bubble Insulation can also be installed up against the metal outer wall to provide a condensation blanket, a vapor barrier, and a moisture barrier. Just 1” of Triplex™ insulation can provide the same R-Value as 1” of open-cell insulation, but also adds a Radiant Barrier to the application. This Radiant Barrier improves the efficiency of the thermal resistance of the outer wall by 50% on top of foam insulation alone.

Advantages of Triplex Bubble Insulation Over the Competitor’s Insulations

Triplex™ is less expensive than most of our competition’s bubble, and provides all these extra benefits:

  • Triplex™ has much larger-cell bubbles, providing a higher R-value per inch of dead air space.
  • Triplex™ has XPE foam in the center, providing sound-deadening and fire-retardant qualities.
  • Triplex™ does not require special equipment to install and can save up to 70% of labor cost since it’s so easy to handle.
  • Triplex™ does not gas out dangerous fumes.
  • Triplex™ has a class 1A fire code rating and does not require an ignition barrier to pass building codes.
  • Lesser quality bubble insulation can lose air in the bubbles due to inferior craftsmanship, but:

Triplex™ has a Lifetime Warranty against failure.


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