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Turn Your Home Into a Thermos with RadWrap


Most house wraps don’t really add any thermal resistance to a building envelope. A proper house wrap helps prevent mold and water damage within walls AND helps to keep air and water out, all while letting water vapor escape.

Polyshield RadWrap All-Weather Insulating System is a unique house wrap that increases the R-Value of a building’s walls, adds 95% Reflectivity, helps prevent mold and water damage within walls, and helps keep air and water out, while still letting water vapor escape.

Applying Polyshield® White All-Weather Tape to the seams and edges helps to create a continuous building envelope system, which keeps water and air out.

Promoting better building durability and improved energy efficiency through added R-Value, 95% Reflectivity, AND reduced air leakage, Polyshield can improve a home’s thermal resistance to heat transfer by 50%, improving the comfort of your home while saving on energy bills.


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