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Poly-Shield P2

Metalized Foil/Bubbles/Metalized Foil

One layer of 1/8″ durable air bubble film laminated between two layers of reflective metalized film

Polyshield P2 - SB-4mmWB-Met


Contact Temperature Range -60°F to 180°F (-51°C to 82°C)
Thickness 1/8" nominal
Emittance (Metalized Side) E=5%
Water Vapor Transmission .02 perms ASTM E96
Puncture Resistance 60 lbs/in
Tensile Stress (kPa) TD:1,814 / MD:2,078
Tear Strength (kN/m) TD:45.34 / MD:51.96
Pliability No Cracking
Linear Shrinkage None
Mold and Mildew No Growth
Flame Spread 0 ASTM E84-08
Smoke Development 20 ASTM E84-08
Fire Rating Class A / Class 1


Attic - Vented Radiant Barrier Only
Duct/ Pipe Wrap R-4
Crawl Space R-16.3
Metal Buildings** R-4.6 Up
R-11.9 Down
R-5.6 Wall
Post Frame Buildings R-6.4 Up
R-14.6 Down
R-6.4 Wall
Radiant Floors R-16.3
Wall - Basement Masonry R-5.6
Wall - Garage R-5.6
Wall - 2x6 Stud with Rl2 batt*** N/A

* At least 3/4″ of air space is required on each foil side to achieve the R-Values quoted.
** Depends on the interior of the metal building and sizes of the air spaces provided.
*** This application consists of Poly-Shield Insulation and mass insulation. See installation instructions for more details.