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House Wraps



Polyshield RadWrap foil/white, 95% reflective, perforated house wrap material has many applications. It is generally known for its superior performance as a Vapor Barrier, a Moisture Barrier, and an insulated house wrap.  Polyshield RadWrap consists of a highly reflective material that reflects radiant heat rather than absorbing it. Appling RadWrap to your sidewalls can improve the efficiency of traditional insulation by 50% based on independent laboratory studies.



Roll Size
(sq. ft.)
Type Perf/Solid Width Length SKU Weight (lbs)
1000 RadWrap™ Solid 48" 250' AG-48-3M-MR-SP1000 33
1062.5 RadWrap™ Perf. 102" 125' AG-102-3M-MR-P1062 33