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Polyshield Crawlspace System

According to research reported by the NAHB, about 15% of new homes are built with a crawlspace. (In 2021 alone, that accounted for over 240,000 new homes in the United States!)

According to, up to 15% of heat loss in a building occurs through the floor.

Crawlspaces under homes usually feature a vented space with dirt floors. The sidewalls are usually masonry or cinderblocks. This integration can cause several issues under your home.

  • The vents allow for airflow under the home, causing cold floors in the wintertime and causing condensation to form under the floor.
  • The dirt floors create a source of humidity, increasing the chance for condensation to form.
  • The masonry walls under the home are porous and allow for airflow, once again creating a condensation source.

Applying our two-part
Polyshield Crawlspace System
eliminates these issues under your home!

Installing Triplex Crawlspace Insulation onto masonry walls adds an R-10 value and 95% Reflectivity to the walls. Additionally, it provides a vapor/moisture barrier to the sidewalls in your crawl space environment, meeting building code requirements.

This application has been proven to eliminate condensation from forming on masonry walls. The R-10 value plus the 95% reflectivity improves the thermal resistance of the side walls greatly, making the space much more energy efficient.

The second part of the system is installing our 13-millimeter-thick, insulated “RadWrap” floor covering on top on the dirt floors. Our RadWrap floor covering is a superior, durable, vapor and moisture barrier, and also adds 95% reflectivity.

This reflectivity bounces the lost energy that is emitting from the bottom of the flooring back into the home, keeping the floors warmer in the wintertime and saving energy.

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